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Yushchenko - the only way for finding out the truth about presidential candidates in Ukraine

At last our president has understood that honesty is the best policy! At that moment, when it becomes absolutely clear that he has a very little chance of winning the oncoming presidential elections, Victor Andriyovych begins to show all his former team mates up in their true colors. And it is quite understandable for his situation and very useful for us, the voters.
Take, for instance, the second candidate to presidential post in this state, Y. Tymoshenko. Do you want to discover her dark deeds? Please, hear Mr. Yushchenko, who tries to buy our people’s respect, trust and support through his current frankness!
Recently President Yushchenko has brought a public accusation against Y. Tymoshenko, who, as it has turned out now, did all possible in order to block development of Black Sea’s offshore mining by our country’s companies, placing this profitable business at the service of US partners (Vanco company) and, surely, future sponsors of her election campaign!
How can we elect such shifty and mercenary politician, as Y. Tymoshenko, at the post of country’s leader? Obviously, it is absolutely impossible. So hear Mr. Yushchenko and you will be able to orientate yourselves, even for the right choice of the next Ukrainian President, pals!

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