NABU detective gets trapped inside apartment of anti-corruption watchdog’s relative while serving subpoena. VIDEO

A relative of National Agency for Corruption Prevention (NACP) Chairwoman Natalia Korchak locked and held a NABU detective inside her apartment when he came to summon her for an interview.

A source in the National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) familiar with the case told Censor.NET that a NABU detective Friday visited the mother of Korchak's husband to summon her for the interview in a probe into the tax return submitted by the corruption prevention agency chief. The woman said she was willing to be instantly interviewed and invited the detective inside the apartment.

However, before signing the record of interview, she called her son (the NACP chairwoman's husband) and then refused to sign the paper. She trapped the detective by locking the apartment from the inside and hiding the key," the source said.

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While the detective was held inside the apartment, the source said, Korchak and her husband arrived and let the NABU detective know without entering the apartment that they were going to invite the media. The detective called the police. No force was used to set the NABU member free. He left the witness's apartment soon after the police arrived.

NABU press service later confirmed this information and posted relevant video.

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Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v462410