Three individuals including former deputy interior minister detained on embezzlement charges, - NABU. VIDEO

NABU detectives detained three persons following search and seizure operations held under procedural supervision of Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAP) members Oct. 31, 2017. The law enforcers apprehended former Ukraine’s deputy interior minister, a representative of the bidder company that was awarded the contract for the supply of backpacks and one more person on suspicion of embezzlement of more than 14 million hryvnia.

Censor.NET reports citing a statement by the NABU press service.

The investigators believe these individuals were involved in shipping a batch of backpacks to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in 2015 at a price significantly exceeding their reasonable value. The pre-trial investigation found that the goods were not delivered in due time and, moreover, did not meet the requirements set by the Interior Ministry which resulted in losses worth more than 14 million hryvnia.

The individuals were detained under charges of embezzlement and abuse of office. The indictments could be brought against the detainees in nearest future.

The investigative actions to establish all persons involved are underway. NABU has been conducting the inquiry into the said offense since 2016.

Earlier, the NABU carried out searches at the premises owned by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov's son Oleksandr.

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The hidden camera footage was published last February showing a person looking like Interior Minister Arsen Avakov's son Oleksandr and a person who looked like former Deputy Interior Minister Serhii Chebotar discussing supply of a batch of backpacks for the law enforcement agency detachments at an inflated price.

The footage of conversation was dated December 2014 while the Ministry of Internal Affairs actually purchased backpacks for 16.5 million hryvnia as early as in February 2015.

Interior Minister Avakov refuted all allegations of his family members' involvement in the procurement of backpacks.

The law enforcers later published footage showing detectives taking Oleksandr Avakov away following the search.

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