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 Yanukovych trial: new attorney enters, hearing postponed until Dec. 4. VIDEO

On Oct. 26, the 17th hearing in the case against former president Viktor Yanukovych took place in the Obolonsky district court of Kyiv. Yanukovych is charged with high treason.

During the hearing, a new attorney was appointed for Yanukovych. This is his third attorney in this case, Censor.NET correspondent reports.

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Ihor Liashenko was appointed a new attorney for the fugitive Ukrainian president.

Liashenko asked to postpone the hearing so that he could familiarize with the materials. The prosecution agreed and said Dec. 4 would be enough time for him.

Video by PGO (Prosecutor General's Office)

Judge Deviatko announced a break in the hearing until Dec. 4.

During earlier hearing, Aug. 15, former Ukraine envoy to U.N. Yurii Serhieiev was questioned, who was present at the U.N. SC meeting on March 3, 2014, when Russian envoy Vitaly Churkin presented the letter from Yanukovych to Putin on sending in troops.

Earlier, Yanukovych revoked his attorneys and decided not to participate in the hearing. Attorney Vitalii Meshechek was appointed by the state to defend him. On July 12, the court granted the motion by Meshechek to allow him some time to familiarize with the materials in the case and scheduled the next hearing for Aug. 3. On Aug. 3, the judges schedule a hearing for Aug. 15 to question important witness, former Ukrainian envoy to the U.N. Serhieiev.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v460529