SBU expels employee of Russian NTV network from Ukraine. VIDEO+PHOTO

The Security Service of Ukraine has decided to forcibly return Russian NTV network propagandist Vyachelsav Nemyshev to Russia.

Censor.NET reports citing SBU press service.

The agency said the Russian citizen was detained by police in Kyiv on Oct. 4 for a minor offense. During the identification process, the officers found the man's IDs issued by fake "ministry of information policy" of self-styled "Donetsk people's republic" and a so-called "military accreditation." This was a reason for his checkup by SBU.

"The Security Service found that between spring 2016 and fall 2017, Nemyshev "worked" at temporarily occupied by terrorists territories of Ukraine. He produced a number of deceivable anti-Ukrainian materials for media, as ordered by his Russian curators in the interests of top terrorist commanders to justify and promote their illegal activities in media," the report reads.

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After required procedures, Nemyshev was forcibly expelled from Ukraine through Senkivka crossing point with Russia over his activities that harmed the national interest of Ukraine.

The propagandist was banned from entry to Ukraine for three years.

Russian media have reported on Nemyshev's detention.


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SBU said it had informed international and national NGOs working in protection of freedom of speech sector "in order to avoid artificial charges by Russia of pseudo-pressure upon Russian journalists" in Ukraine.

SBU expels employee of Russian NTV network from Ukraine 01
Nemyshev's press ID issued by "DPR" terroristsИсточник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v458091