Ukrainian tankmen celebrated professional holiday on Sept. 10. VIDEO

The day of tankmen is marked in Ukraine every second Sunday of September.

The holiday has been set to support the initiative of tank troops veterans and tank constructors of Ukraine, given combat merits of tankmen during the WWII and to bring up tank crew members of Ukraine's Armed Forces based on traditions of previous generations, Censor.NET reports citing Presidential Decree 922/97 dated Aug. 29, 1997.

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A video made in Desna training center was posted on YouTube 4k Aeroziomka channel.

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"Firepower, "iron fist," tracks, "bears"... They have many names, but in one they are united - when the country needs protection from the enemy, they stand up for defense with all the force, and attack the invaders on full power, crushing the enemy's hardware and personnel. They are fascinating, they ignite fear, they are the iron wall behind which we can hide and save ourselves.

"Today they celebrate their holiday! Dear tankmen, let your fights be successful, the fuel never end, and the ammunition be unlimited! Happy holiday, dear people," a note to the video reads.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v454699