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 "Two 200s, one 300": Sniper of Ukrainian Volunteer Army Bilozerska prevented terrorist provocations in ATO area. VIDEO

A female sniper of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army Olena Bilozerska killed two terrorists in the Donbas as they attempted to launch provocations on Independence Day of Ukraine, Aug. 24.

MP Dmytro Yarosh wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

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"I am revealing some secrets. Olena Bilozerska is a unique and great woman: an active participant of the Maidans, a talented journalist, a great wife and true friend. Olena is a volunteer. Olena has been at the war since the very beginning. Unfortunately, people like her are a few. Olena is a founder of the volunteer movement and the Person who participates in decision making regarding War and Peace.

"Olena Bilozerska is also a sniper. Exercising her Right and fulfilling her obligations, she destroys the enemies of Ukraine... Sniper of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army Olena Bilozerska. The hero of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Not fictional. A real one," she wrote.

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"On the video: two 200s [killed - ed.], one 300 [wounded - ed.]. The army has confirmed. The position has been changed. Olena agreed for publication," Yarosh wrote.

"And one more thing. We, volunteer fighters, have not disappeared from the war, despite the wishes... Of course, the attempts of some generals, together with the Russians, to liquidate us have been annoying. But here I report in full voice, we - volunteer fighters - are at the war until the Victory, until all Ukrainian territories are liberated," Yarosh summed up.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v453889