PGO is searching for people kidnapped during Maidan events. VIDEO (in Ukrainian)

The department for special investigations of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine is asking for help from the people who were kidnapped during the Revolution of Dignity events in late 2013 - early 2014.

This was announced by Advocacy Advisory Panel on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"The investigation into the case of Yurii Verbytskyi - Ihor Lutsenko is sure that kidnappings and threats from organized groups of 'titushkas' [paid anti-protesters - ed.] in late January 2014 were systemic and are not limited to this case. Given the testimony of the suspects alone, about five to 10 such episodes might have occurred. However, in order to investigate them, the testimony of the victims are needed. Prosecutor Oleksii Donskyi called on the victims to come to the special investigation department to help the investigation in the court to select preventive measure for a new suspect - Oleksandr Volkov," the report says.

"This is exactly what we talked about in January-February 2014. What was obvious to everyone at that time, what is exactly what we asked from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to check over the next years. But the investigation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was limited to a few performers and one episode only, but they fled abroad, and the ministry reported it solved the crime.This case is currently being investigated by the department, and more has been done over several months than during three years. A lot of information, evidence has been obtained, another suspect has been found and detained," the panel said.

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"We realize that the victims are desperate and they find it difficult to believe after three years, but we, the lawyers, ask to do this - come to the special investigations department (18 Borysohlibska St.) - both those who were abducted and possible eyewitnesses of such crimes (phone # +380 67 209 10 76, aap.adg.info@gmail.com). This will help not only you, but also to gather evidence and establish all the perpetrators in the death of Yurii Verbytskyi. And to prove systematic nature of the activities of "titushkas" and law enforcement officers," the report reads.

In January 2014, during Euromaidan events, activists Ihor Lutsenko and Yurii Verbytskyi were abducted by unknown people from the territory of the Oleksandrivska Hospital and taken out of the city. After being tortured, they were abandoned in a forest. Verbytskyi died of his injuries.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v451675