"Ukraine as seen by teenagers," - Ukrainian high school graduates made English language video about Ukraine for foreign peers. VIDEO

High school graduates of 2017, with support of Institute for Freedom of Speech and Civil Initiative Platfom NGO, have made an English-language video about modern Ukraine. They presented their country as seen by Ukrainian teens. They say it's important for them that their Motherland and its role in the global history become known to young people around the world.

Censor.NET reports citing uainfo.org.
"This 12-minute video, made upon initiative and the script written by high school graduates of 2017, is aimed at enriching the image of Ukraine and its modern generation among the foreign youth," the media outlet wrote.

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"We want everyone who is not familiar with Ukraine to google "Ukraine" after they see the video and learn more about our country. Or, even better, spend summer in Ukraine. And those familiar with our country, to say "Hey, these are Ukrainians! They are as cool as we are! But we still don't know much about them!" the young video makers say.

The NGOs that supported the production of the video hope it will be used by the government agencies in their communication strategies to improve tourist attraction of Ukraine, escpecially among youth.
Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v450060