Russia not interested in peace, giving empty promises, - Poroshenko on talks with Putin, Merkel, and Hollande. VIDEO

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says the talks in the Normandy Four format were 'no compromises, just the rule of force.'

Poroshenko said when delivering speech in the U.K.'s Chatham House, Censor.NET reports citing the presidential website.


"Russians are not interested in reaching peace. They are interested in exerting control. I felt it again this Monday, when together with Chancellor Merkel and President Holland held telephone negotiations with President Putin. It was another display of Moscow's empty promises. It was another display of their attitude: "if you want peace, you can have it: but only on our conditions." No compromises. Just - the rule of force," the president said.

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Poroshenko added that Russia violated the Budapest memorandum, of which the U.K. is also the party, as well as " every single piece of our bilateral treaties, in which Moscow recognized and guaranteed Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity," including the Minsk agreements.

The president said there was no effective cease-fire, no release of hostages and illegally detained persons, and no access for international humanitarian organizations.

"There is no other party to be blamed for it, but Russia. It continues sending troops, heavy weapons and ammunition to Ukraine. It turns Crimea into the world's biggest military base.
It stays deaf to demands and arguments for peace," Poroshenko said.

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"It proves that we have no other way round but to seek peace through strength, not appeasement," the president said.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v436871