Slidstvo.Info journalists came under fire while filming Akhmetov's new manor near Kyiv. VIDEO

Unidentified gunmen fired upon Slidstvo.Info anti-corruption project camera crew members as they were filming the new estate belonging to businessman Rinat Akhmetov.

Censor.NET reports citing the statement by Slidstvo.Info on Facebook.

"Unidentified individuals fired upon Slidstvo.Info camera crew when it was filming this video. Our correspondents Maksym Opanasenko and Kyrylo Shapar were filming Rinat Akhmetov's new estate in Kyiv larger area," the statement reads.

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"You should watch this video. a large-scale construction is underway on the most expensive land in the Kyiv region. The land plot the estate is being constructed on belongs to Meta-Capital, the company owned by Akhmetov. It does not seem that he is doing bad. It kind of feels the exact opposite. Slidstvo.Info will disclose more details soon," the journalists said.

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