"Good house quite suitable for living. It was hit by tank shell," - Russian militants laid flat Vodiane village. VIDEO

The village of Vodiane has long become a kind of target for the Russian occupying forces.

Censor.NET reports citing the statement by the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) Staff press center.


According to the Staff, the enemy recently committed another heavy artillery strike on the Ukrainian troops' positions on the outskirts of this village. 120 mm mortar shells banned by the Minsk agreements landed in close proximity to residential houses. The soldiers say it was a miracle that no one was hurt.

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"We are being confronted by the enemy mortar battery. The enemy mainly commits its treacherous strikes at night. The militants apparently heard nothing about the cease-fire. They use tanks, grenade launchers, machine guns, regularly stage provocations. Their atrocities forced almost all locals to leave the village. Only about 15 residents still stay there," said commander of the platoon's strong point.

The ATO Staff press center says Marines are firmly holding the ground.

"Being hardened by battles, they are not scared of the enemy. They know the militants' intentions and do not succumb to provocations. However, they admit they keep the powder dry. Any unconventional hostile action of the enemy will face instant and adequate response. They won't yield a single inch of Ukrainian land to the occupant," the Staff said.

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As reported, the Russian militants committed 83 attacks on the Ukrainian Armed Forces' positions in the Donbas on Feb 23.

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