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 Fighting in Avdiivka: shop that never closed, by BBC. VIDEO

The BBC's Tom Burridge visits a shop in Avdiivka, on the front line of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, which remains open despite fierce fighting.

Censor.NET reports citing BBC.

The store has been operating since the war started here in 2014. Its saleswoman says the people count on them, so they have to work despite sounds of shelling being heard outside.
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The recent spike in hostilities in the vicinity of Avdiivka was registered on Sunday morning, Jan. 29.

After two days of fighting, Ukrainian soldiers managed to take enemy positions and improved their tactical set-up in the area.

In the evening of Jan. 30, a state of emergency was declared in Avdiivka.

Presidential Administration Deputy Head Kostiantyn Yelisieiev said the situation in eastern Ukraine had taken on international importance, and if Russia vetoed the deployment of a U.N. police mission in the Donbas at the next Security Council meeting, it would show its real attitude to the situation.
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