Pokrovsk prosecutors’ office employee opens fire at café, goes unpunished. Surveillance Footage

A member of the Donetsk region’s Pokrovsk city (formerly Krasnoarmiisk) prosecutor’s office opened fire at a café on Sunday, Jan. 29. The café owners said the gunman was working as a driver in the local prosecutor's office.

As reported by Censor.NET citing 06239.com.ua news outlet, the shots were fired by a man sitting with another six persons at the table in My Friends Cafe at Tsentralna Street (formerly Sverdlova Street).

One of the visitors got up and went out, approached a company car which he was repeatedly seen using and came back into the café carrying a handgun. The person was not hiding the weapon from other visitors, fiddled with it and started firing indiscriminate shots in all directions. He made five shots, which were clearly captured on camera. Several bullets hit the kitchen where food was being cooked. The café employees immediately called the police and lodged a report on the incident upon the law enforcement officers' arrival.

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According to the employees of the cafe, who called the police, the gunman was not detained. Local journalists say this incident is not mentioned on the official website of Pokrovsk police precinct. The local police authorities refused to comment.

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Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v426111