Prosecutor apprehended in Zaporizhia snorted amphetamines making lines on case files, - PGO. VIDEO+PHOTOS

A member of Zaporizhia Prosecutor's Office detained on suspicion of drug distribution was in charge of public prosecution in proceedings related to drug trafficking.

Head of Procedural Supervision Directorate of the Major Fraud Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine Olha Varchenko told Censor.NET.

According to her, the detainee is a heavy drug user. The suspect told law enforcers that he started using cannabis back in the days when he was a college student. He has been using amphetamines over six months.

"One of the hits packed in a bag was found in the materials of the criminal case. As it turned out, the prosecutor snorted amphetamines making lines on the folders with the collected investigation records," Varchenko said.
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The most cynical aspect of this situation is that he was a prosecutor in cases related to drug trafficking. She also said that the detainee's parents were former law enforcement officers.



"Censor.NET inquired Zaporizhia Prosecutor's Office on how a drug user managed to work in the law enforcement agency? Was he under influence while at the workplace? A member of the Prosecutor's Office told us that the agency head refused to make comments about it and advised to talk to Deputy Head Natalia Bondarenko.

"Making comments is out of my jurisdiction," she said.

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