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 Leaders and people should put needs of Ukraine above narrow personal interests,- US Vice President Biden in Kyiv. VIDEO

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden hopes the Trump administration will cooperate with Ukraine.

Biden said at the briefing after the talks with Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko in Kyiv on Monday, Censor.NET reports.
"I wanted to come here one more time in my last trip as vice president to honor the progress that people of Ukraine have achieved.

"If you continue carrying your progress forward, then not only will you continue to build a more open, more democratic, more prosperous future that Ukrainian people deserve, you will keep the international community united behind you in that effort," Biden said.

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"And I hope the next Administration [of the White House - ed.] will also want to be a supporter and a partner in your continued progress. But as you know, no one else can do the hard work but the Ukrainian people," the vice president said.

"It's up to Ukrainian leaders and people to put needs of the country above narrow personal interests, to place the general good above point-scoring and local prejudice. And that goes for everyone: members of Ukraine's government, representatives of the Rada who took an oath to serve the Ukrainian people as a whole; judges who undertake responsibility to dispense justice equally; members of the media and civil society and ordinary citizens whose job it is to hold those in power responsible.

"As a nation, you've made a lot of difficult decisions, and many more difficult political choices remain ahead," Biden said.

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