"War goes on, Putin seeks to hurl Ukraine into chaos," - opposition member Yashin presents report on Russian aggression. VIDEO

Russian opposition member, PARNAS (People's Freedom Party) Deputy Chairman Ilya Yashin presented the report called "Hybrid aggression of the Kremlin", covering the Russian military campaign against Ukraine.

Yashin wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"Many people have got used to the idea that the war against Ukraine is allegedly over. Isolated attacks are still being recorded in the territory of the Donbas, but the peace accords are more or less observed while the war has been left behind. In fact, the war goes on and not only in the territories occupied by the militants, but also in Kyiv. Putin makes great effort to return Ukraine under the Kremlin's control. He uses methods of hybrid aggression: propaganda, provocations, tampering with local politicians to achieve this," Yashin wrote.

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"The local oligarchs, whose businesses were integrated into the public administration system back in Yanukovych era, became the Kremlin's key allies in its strive to undermine the situation in Kyiv. These oligarchs, like Putin, seek to hurl Ukraine into chaos. They need it to regain their positions. Putin seeks it to regain control of the neighboring country by bringing loyal politicians to power. It's not a joke at all. Putin was so busy playing war and geopolitical rivalry games that Russia has no more allies left in the entire world," the PARNAS party deputy chairman stressed.

"Our country began to be perceived as an aggressive and unpredictable state that could pose new threat anytime. As history has demonstrated, such countries often face a miserable fate if their insane leaders are not stopped in due time (What is more, it is the Russian people who must stop him on their own since it is in our common interest). During the New Year holidays, I made an analytical review of Putin's "hybrid aggression" with the help of which he tries to take over Ukraine. You can have a read," the opposition member wrote.

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