Russia disowns its mercenary Sidorov captured in Ukraine. Relatives ask to include him in prisoner exchange list. VIDEO+PHOTOS

Moscow resident Denis Sidorov joined Russian militants fighting in Ukraine in 2015 and was captured Sept. 8, 2016. Sidorov previously fought in Chechnya and admitted his involvement in ethnic cleansing there.

As reported by Censor.NET citing the terrorists' news websites, the friends of Sidorov complain that Russia does not want to bear responsibility for him while commanders of the "DPR" have dismissed the Russian mercenary retroactively. This makes his inclusion in the prisoner exchange list impossible.

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Sidorov came to fight in Ukraine in 2015 and was captured Sept. 8, 2016. He previously gained battle experience in Russia's military campaign in Chechnya. Sidorov worked as a police officer in Russia upon return from the war.

"A lawyer told me that he was fired retroactively. The Russian side provides him with no legal and humanitarian aid. He is not in the list of prisoners designated for swap. The "DPR" officials have actually disowned him. No authority representative has contacted me. No one even told me he was in captivity. I learned everything over the Internet," Sidorov's wife Kristina said.

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According to the Ukrainian military, Denis Sidorov confessed during the interview that he was involved in the ethnic cleansing in Chechnya.

россия наемник сидоров

россия наемник сидоров

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