Zakharchenko blames Russia's plight on Anglo-Saxons, says Britain must be conquered. VIDEO (in Russian)

Leader of Donetsk terrorists Alexander Zakharchenko says Britain must be conquered so as to destroy the Anglo-Saxons who are "the evil to Russia's fate."

Censor.NET cites the warlord as saying that predictions indicate that only after the U.K. falls, Russia's "golden age" will finally come.

"I'm not saying 'Kyiv.' In fact, not even Berlin must be taken. We should leave it behind and conquer Britain. The Anglo-Saxons are the evil to our Russian fate. If we succeed, Russia's 'golden age' will come, according to all our predictions," the "DPR" leader said.
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Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v418061