Lomachenko beats Walters: Jamaican gets declassified in 7th round. VIDEO

The fight for the WBO World Super-Featherweight Title between Ukrainian fighter Vasyl Lomachenko and Jamaican Nicholas Walters ended in the victory of the former boxer.

Censor.NET reports citing ESPN.

Lomachenko-Walters was a fight that had been anticipated for more than a year, since both were featherweight titleholders, and it was expected to be a competitive showdown between a gifted technician (Lomachenko) and a power puncher ("Axe Man" Walters).

But it was not that. Not even close. Instead, Lomachenko played with Walters like a cat would a mouse. He negated Walters' strong right hand, befuddled him and frustrated him.

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Lomachenko stuffed jabs in Walters' face and tagged him with straight left hands. Walters never got off any big shots; he was unable to cope with Lomachenko's speed and lateral movement. He simply had no answers for Lomachenko.

Lomachenko continued to pick up the pace and was lashing Walters as the round wound down. Still, Walters had not been knocked down, he was not cut and did not appear to be hurt. Yet, when referee Tony Weeks went to his corner to check on him after the 7th round, Walters' trainer and father, Job Walters, told him, "No mas."

"It's not about being just strong or being just fast. A lot of things take place," Lomachenko said. "You've got to train, and you have to be highly functional in the ring. So all those things are a combination of what makes me good."
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