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 Activists lift blockade of Lukianivka prison after Yanukovych's interview fails. VIDEO+PHOTOS

A picket to prevent the transfer of former Berkut officers accused of killing Maidan activists from Lukianivka remand prison in Kyiv has ended.

A Censor.NET correspondent reports from the scene.
Video by Oleh Bohachuk

After learning the court had adjourned the hearing of the Maidan case and questioning of fugitive president Yanukovych until Nov. 28, the activists outside Lukianivka prison said they reached their goal and announced the termination of the blockade.

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In their opinion, the mere fact that the lawyers of the Berkut officers did not ask for establishing videoconferencing with Lukianivka prison proves the information about a plan to release the suspects from the courtroom.

The activists have not yet made a decision on their further actions and can not say whether they will return to blocking on Nov. 28.

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сизо блокада лукьяновскоесизо блокада лукьяновское
Photos by Oleh Bohachuk

As reported, activists of Right Sector party, Automaidan Kyiv and Vіlnі Liudy (Free People) NGOs came at Lukianivka remand prison in Kyiv to prevent the transfer of former Berkut officers to the Sviatoshyn district court that was going to question former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych through videoconferencing. With no suspects delivered, the court decided to adjourn the interview until Nov. 28.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v416553