Militants plan provocation under guise of Ukrainian Army, - French journalists. VIDEO

French journalists recorded evidence of the presence of Russian military hardware in the Donbas.

France 24 TV Channel visited the occupied Donetsk and made a story about life in the 'DPR.' The journalists managed to film a militant discussing organization of a military provocation under the guise of Ukrainian Army, Censor.NET reports citing Gordon.ua.

"What are we doing? Well, violating the cease-fire under guise of Ukrainians. Yes, yes, we will be wearing Ukrainian uniform, no one will guess," the terrorists said.

Answering the question about sources of the militants' weapons, the terrorists have said that they captured a lot of trophies after battles with Ukrainian Army. At the same time, they could not explain how they captured ammunition of Ukrainian troops in the artillery war.

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"We are being supported. We were organized into the army. We have the equipment, Ural trucks, light armored vehicles, weapons. We are getting ammunition on a regular basis and do not have to fight with hunting rifles as before," militant nicknamed Granitsa said.

Moreover, another terrorist told French reporters that they are supervised by Russian officers.

"The people are not the army. You should build the army to discipline it. The top commanders, they are from Russia. There are hundreds of them, they are everywhere and nowhere. Everyone knows about it but says nothing," he explained.

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Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v410707