"I will tell you who criminals are," - Pukach spoke to journalist of Censor.NET during trial. VIDEO

Ex-Chief of Interior Ministry’s Directed Surveillance Department Oleksii Pukach said several phrases, for the first time in many years, to a reporter of Censor.NET during consideration of cassation appeal in a court.

As reported by Censor.NET correspondent, a short talk with Pukach took place through the cage in the court room. Pukach said he hoped that "truth will prevail" and promised to give names of the criminals.

Pukach:... You will not make the criminals heroes...

Reporter: Who do you think are the criminals?

Pukach: I will tell...

Reporter: What do you count on?

Pukach: I count on... You know how the Bible goes, Colossians 1:16. I put my hopes in Lord who will make the truth prevail.


As reported, founder of Ukrainska Pravda news website, journalist Heorhii Gongadze disappeared Sept. 16, 2000. His headless corpse was later found in the forest in Kyiv's vicinity. Ex-Chief of Interior Ministry's Directed Surveillance Department Oleksii Pukach was arrested on charges of commission of this crime in a village in the Zhytomyr region July 21, 2009.

The investigation found that Pukach received a verbal order to eliminate Heorhii Gongadze from then-Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yurii Kravchenko. The criminal ring led by Pukach consisting of members of the Main Directorate of the Interior Ministry Valerii Kostenko, Oleksandr Popovych (both sentenced to 12 years in prison in 2008), and Mykola Protasov (got 13 years in prison in 2008) committed the murder Sept. 17, 2000.

The court found Pukach guilty and sentenced him to life imprisonment Jan. 23, 2013. Asked by the judge whether he agreed with the verdict, Pukach said: "I will agree with it when I will be sharing this cage with Kuchma and Lytvyn." The Kyiv Court of Appeal upheld the verdict Jan. 6, 2016.
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