"They had particular destination point": Ukrainian soldiers dwell on militants’ subversive assault near Starohnativka. VIDEO

No strikes with heavy weapons have been recorded in the vicinity of Starohnativka in the Donetsk region since Sept. 1. However, the cease-fire is far from being completely observed, according to the Ukrainian military.

Censor.NET reports citing Channel 5.

According to the Ukrainian defenders, the enemy has changed tactics and now the attacks are committed by small subversive groups. One of such groups was trying to break through at this sector of the front line Sept. 20. The enemy saboteurs had been spotted.

Five militants came out of the wood line and started quickly moving towards the Ukrainian troops' position. Another two subversives were covering them with fire.

"The operation was planned and meaningful while the subversives were heading to a particular destination point. That is, they were not just some ordinary militants but well trained saboteurs," Mykhailo, a serviceman of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said.

The enemy saboteurs approached the Ukrainian positions at a distance of about 150 meters and opened fire. The Ukrainian soldiers fired in response and forced the enemy to retreat. But the invaders did not seem to calm down as they subsequently fired at the position near Starohnativka thrice from small arms.

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