Russian Black Sea Fleet warships took aim at Ukrainian border guards’ vessel in Ukraine’s exclusive maritime zone. VIDEO

The incident occurred with the participation of the Russian warships and aircraft as Podillia coast guard ship and patrol airplane of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine were carrying out missions in the north-western part of Ukraine's exclusive (maritime) economic zone on Wednesday, Sept. 7.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was stated by the press center of the State Border Guard Service.

"As Podillia coast guard ship was passing through Karkinit Bay and approaching Holitsyn and Odesa gas fields, the warships and aircraft of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation started hindering the legitimate activities of the Ukrainian vessel by carrying out dangerous maneuvers in violation of universally recognized principles, norms, and rules of the international law. In particular, the Russian Armed Forces' Su-24 bomber made several circles over Podillia coast guard ship at dangerous altitude," the statement reads.

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Besides, the Russian Smetlivy escort vessel with its artillery system aimed at the Ukrainian coast guard ship and Priazovye medium recon ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet carried out dangerous maneuvers creating the preconditions for a navigation incident in the area of the illegal operation of the Russian-annexed oil rigs.

"Despite undisguised acts of provocation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the crew of Podillia coast guard ship acted decisively and achieved its objectives in the exclusive (maritime) economic zone of Ukraine," the State Border Guard Service stressed.

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The agency reported that during the surface picture monitoring, the State Border Guard Service had once again collected evidence of the Russian Federation's aggression, seizure of assets, and illegal industrial activities in the exclusive (maritime) economic zone of Ukraine.
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