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 Pretending that war in Ukraine is of civil nature means playing Kremlin's political games, - The Power Vertical. VIDEO

After more than two years of war in eastern Ukraine, many continue to pretend that what is happening in the Donbas is a civil war, when in fact it is the result of a Russian invasion.

Censor.NET reports citing The Power Vertical, a podcast by Brian Whitmore on Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty.
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"Now the problem here isn't that everybody is delusional. In fact, everybody knows exactly what is happening here. But the problem is one of geopolitical blackmail.

Russia is clearly intent on keeping this conflict simmering until it gets what it wants -- a pliant and obedient Ukraine that is essentially Moscow's client state. And it uses periodic threats of escalation to get the West to play along. And so everybody pretends. And in pretending, everybody plays the Kremlin's game," Whitmore commented in his video.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v403908