Lynch and riot: member of Roma community is suspected of killing and raping nine-year-old girl in Odesa region. PHOTOS+VIDEO

A resident of Loshchynivka village found a dead body of a girl (born in 2007) in one of the abandoned houses in the Odesa region on Aug. 27. The child was raped and then killed.

Censor.NET reports citing UNIAN.

The Main Department of the National Police reported about numerous penetrating stab wounds and many bruises found on the victim's body.

According to the sources, the girl was from a well-to-do family. The police suspects a 20-year-old Loshchynivka resident of committing the crime. He was apprehended and is giving evidence.

The murder of the girl provoked riots. A crowd of 300 people went to smash house of the Roma community where the man lived. However, many neighbors of the suspect previously left Loshchynivka.

The police officers don't rule out the possibility that the child was raped, but only forensic examination will confirm the fact.

It is reported that the rioters were stopped only after the local authorities' intervention. The situation remains tense.

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