Ukrainian banner-bearers marched in Poland's Armed Forces Day parade as allies. VIDEO+PHOTOS

On Monday, Aug. 15, a group of banner-bearers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine took part in the military parade in Warsaw on the occasion of the Feast of the Polish Armed Forces.

As reported by Censor.NET, a video of the march was posted by the Ukrainian Embassy in Poland.


More than 200 soldiers from 12 allied countries, including Ukraine, Germany, Lithuania and Hungary took part in the parade alongside the Polish military.

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Additionally, on this day, Poland's Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz laid flowers to the monument of Ukrainian People's Republic (UNR) army General-Cornet Marko Bezruchko, who was one of the leaders of the Ukrainian army fighting alongside Poles for independence during the Polish-Soviet War in 1920.


Macierewicz also paid tribute to the UNR soldiers who defended the national unity of Poland and Ukraine in 1918-1920.

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Poland's Armed Forces Day is a national holiday celebrated annually on Aug. 15. It commemorates the anniversary of the 1920 victory over Soviet Russia at the Battle of Warsaw during the Polish-Soviet War. Polish troops and Ukrainian army managed to stop the advance of the Red Army. In October 1920, the marines under the command of UNR Counter Admiral Mykhailo Bilynskyi stopped the troops of Bolshevik's Marshal Mikhail Tukhachevsky near Zamość.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v401940