Over 200 units of enemy military hardware and dozens of fortified sectors revealed in two years by aerial reconnaissance by Dnipro-1 regiment. VIDEO

Aerial reconnaissance by Dnipro-1 regiment has summed up its activities over the years 2014-2016. The fighters of the unit noted that their drones are used for various purposes in addition to military ones.

As reported by Censor.NET, aerial recon fighters of Dnipro-1 regiment together with De Viro construction bureau operating at the regiment have made a summary video about their activities over the past two years of reconnaissance flights over Ukraine.
The aerial reconnaissance of the regiment operates in five directions: combat flights in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area with revealing of enemy military equipment (more than 2,000 flights to Russian-occupied territory; more than 100 units of enemy hardware revealed; participation in special operations together with Ukraine's Armed Forces, the National Guard, SBU); fighting water poaching; aerial patrol within cities together with police; aerial reconnaissance within special operations against illegal amber mining; development and construction of new drones at De Viro.

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The regiment actively shares its experience with units of the Interior Ministry, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the National Guard, commander Vitalii Feshchenko says. The total number of employees is not disclosed due to security reasons.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v401905