Ukraine marks Highly Mobile Airborne Troops Day. VIDEO

Today, Ukrainian paratroopers celebrate their professional holiday - Highly Mobile Airborne Troops Day.

As reported by Censor.NET, Ukrainian paratroopers heroically defended Donetsk airport, stormed and held the legendary Savur-Mohyla, carried out successful raids into the enemy's rear, and actively participated in other operations.

"On the Day of Highly Mobile Airborne Troops of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the people of Ukraine bow and extend sincere greetings to all paratroopers," famous photographer and volunteer Roman Nikolaiev wrote in a comment to a special holiday video on his youtube page.
The holiday was established in 1999 by a presidential decree. At that time, it was called Airmobile Forces Day. In 2012, it was decided to form highly mobile airborne troops on the basis of airborne and airmobile units.

Ukraine's highly mobile airborne troops are intended for airborne attacks, combat missions in the enemy's rear, participation in special, anti-terrorist and peacekeeping operations, and implementation of tasks that can not be effectively addressed by other forces and means.

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