Fastiv bid last farewell to legendary missile sniper Serhii Shadskykh. VIDEO

Residents of Fastiv paid tribute to legendary missile sniper, Junior Sgt. of the 11th Kyiv Rus Battalion, the 59th Mechanized Brigade Serhii "Bulka" Shadskykh.

As reported by Censor.NET correspondent Violetta Kirtoka, the funeral was attended by hundreds of locals and comrades of the fallen fighter.

Serhii received fatal injuries in a massive artillery attack by Russian troops. The position of his unit was hit with a 152-mm howitzer shell. Being in critical condition, Shadskykh managed to call for help and stay conscious.

Serhii Shadskykh was an operator of Fagot anti-tank missile system, having a big number of destroyed enemy equipment in his record.

On April 14, 2016, Shadskykh made one of his most spectacular launches, destroying two enemy Ural trucks with mortars with a single shot.
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