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 15 Ukrainian patriots awarded with People's Hero of Ukraine Order in Khmelnytskyi. VIDEO

Ukrainian patriots were honored with the award of the National Hero of Ukraine in Khmelnytskyi.

Censor.NET reports citing Channel 5.

Combat medic of the 128th Infantry Brigade Vadym Svyrydenko arrived from Kyiv to receive his Order of People's Hero of Ukraine. He tripped two mines near Debaltseve, spent three days in the snow, but survived nevertheless. He had his limbs amputated. When Vadym somewhat recovered, he was sent to the United States to undergo prosthetics and rehabilitation.

Svyrydenko has recently completed a long-term rehabilitation and started using artificial limbs after constant training. The soldier is now raising a daughter and supporting wounded soldiers.

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"Every day, I listen to the reports on killed and wounded and what injuries they have received. And if they are taken to Kyiv, I visit them to tell that life goes on, that it is necessary to live on and not to lose hope," the People's Hero of Ukraine said.

Vitalii Labutkin has received the award granted to his son, Ukrainian Navy Lieutenant Commander Dmytro Labutkin, a military journalist for the Defense Ministry-run TV and radio company. 28-year-old Dmytro Labutkin, native of Ternopil, worked as a reporter for the Defense Ministry-run Bryz TV channel in Sevastopol. He moved to Odesa with his family after the occupation of Crimea and resumed his service in the Armed Forces. He heroically lost his life in a battle between Ukrainian scouts and Russian invaders near Debaltseve. A memorial plaque in Dmytro's honor was put on the foreside of the school in Ternopil which he attended.

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