"If there is no trial, there will be vigilante justice," - victims suspect trial of former Lviv Berkut Commander dragged out after its adjournment. PHOTO

Judge of the Sviatoshynskyi district court of Kyiv Anatolii Yaselskyi adjourned private session of the court on the case of former Lviv Berkut Commander Rostyslav Patseliak, suspected of committing crimes against the Euromaidan activists Feb. 18, 2014 until Sept. 8.

Censor.NET correspondent reports.

Judge Anatolii Yaselskyi reasoned his decision to adjourn the session by the fact that lawyer of the accused Berkut ex-commander Natalia Vozniuk was allegedly engaged in another trial held in the Court of Appeal.

The judge also explained such a long adjournment by his upcoming vacation leave.

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Former Lviv Berkut Commander Rostyslav Patseliak (in light-colored jacket) at a private session of the court

Lawyer of the victim party, aggrieved activists, and relatives of the killed Euromaidan activists Mosienko said that such actions bore signs of dragging the trial out.

"Patseliak's defender still hasn't submitted any documents proving a valid reason for her absence, as provided by the law," Mosienko said.

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One of the victims said that many aggrieved persons from all over Ukraine had to make long trips at their own expense to attend hearings which were constantly postponed. Therefore, they were going to appeal to the disciplinary committee to make lawyer Vozniuk accountable.

"Some people have made 15 trips already. 15 court sessions have already been held but we haven't still got off square one. Time goes by without any action. We enter the third year already..." one of the victims complained.

He also said that lawyer Vozniuk was provided to Patseliak and Lukash by a law firm established by Farinnik and Tatarov, the former high-ranking Interior Ministry officials of Yanukovych tenure.

Charged offender Patseliak refused to make comments. Asked whether he was on Instytutska Str. in Kyiv Feb. 18, 2014, he said: "There were a lot of people."

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"I have a feeling that an attempt to whitewash these two Berkut officers, who committed the gravest crimes Feb. 18, is intentionally being made. If there is no trial stipulated by the Constitution, there will be vigilante justice," one of the victims Vasyl Pazyniak said.

Lviv Berkut riot police battalion ex-Commander Rostyslav Patseliak is charged with abuse of power and commission of crimes against Maidan protesters Feb. 18, 2014. The former law enforcer was released from custody on personal recognizance back in November 2015.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v398458