"Certain female political leader stating that Ukrainian gas costs $20 is rampant populism," - PM Hroisman. VIDEO

Ukraine's Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroisman has accused leader of Batkivshchyna party Yuliia Tymoshenko of populism.

He said this during the government's hour in the Verkhovna Rada, Censor.NET's correspondent reports.

"Regarding utility rates, I am grateful to people's deputies of Ukraine for publishing this very important document. I would like to read it to you. This is our response to populists. You know, one female leader of a political party says that Ukrainian gas costs $20, which is nonsense. As I said, it's rampant populism, which has not proven its ability to solve the people's problems over 20 years," Hroisman said and cited a 2008 IMF memorandum signed by then-prime minister Yuliia Tymoshenko.

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The memorandum reads that the government of Ukraine obliges to level prices for indigenously produced and imported gas by 2011.

"It's what has been done by the current government. But if this was done in 2008, Ukraine would have been energy efficient today, there would have been no Onyshchenko schemes, and the majority of those present here would not have had the latest jets, yachts, and so on," Hroisman said, accompanied by a round of applause.

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Hroisman cited more of the IMF Memorandum, which stipulates for Ukraine's government to cut subsidies for imported gas consumed by utility companies by means of quarterly regulation of the rates, and to fully stop subsidizing by July 2010. The document also includes a promise to depoliticize the matter of utility rates calculation and to protect socially vulnerable groups of society who could be affected by the economic situation.

"There exists a real stance, a real leader, there are people who believe in what they say, there are leaders who fight for the country and its citizens, but there also are [knocks on a table - ed.] pseudo leaders who imitate fight for Ukraine, fight for its citizens with the only purpose of receiving one, two, or five additional percent at elections and then become the biggest disappointment of the same Ukrainian people.

"Time for populism has passed. Now it's time for responsible social economic policy," Hroisman summed up.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v397513