"Repression getting stiffer. We really aspire to changes," - activists held public reading of Russian Constitution to remind about their rights. VIDEO

Activists from St. Petersburg and Moscow held a public reading of the Constitution of the Russian Federation near the wall dedicated to well-known Soviet singer Viktor Tsoi on the Old Arbat Street in Moscow.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Radio Svoboda, the participants drew attention to the fact that the legislation introducing new police and counter-terrorism measures known as "Yarovaya Law" was unconstitutional.

"We really aspire to changes, as changes taking place now are aimed to toughen the law in violation of the Constitution. The ill-famed 'Yarovaya Law' deprives us of the right to freedom of opinion and expression. We want to draw attention to this problem and make the authorities observe the Constitution. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to reach with the current government, therefore, we need changes," one of the activists stressed.

Following the public reading, the activists held a "silent one-person pickets" in the subway cars. They were holding posters with quotations from the Russian Constitution.

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Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v397178