"They got drunk, drew up entire 1st battalion of 93rd brigade, and started humiliating soldiers,' - servicemen apprehended drunk commanders of own brigade. VIDEO

Soldiers of the 93rd separate motorized brigade detained drunk officers of the brigade's command and transferred them to military police. Beware of rude language in the video (in Russian).

The incident was reported by volunteer Kateryna Berezhna on her Facebook page, Censor.NET informs.

"I've been thinking this information over for several hours, information that has been requested to be posted by soldiers of the guards 93rd brigade. Today [July 9 - ed.] private soldiers detained in the brigade and transferred to military police two officers of the command who were extremely drunk, namely Colonel Poliakov and Major Kotii.

"Private soldiers. Officers. Military police. Drunk. No, I am no kidding. I was thinking about this hole in the coat, dirty laundry, esprit de corps... But I also thought that officers have no right to show up like this in front of their subordinates. Whatever happens," she wrote.

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The volunteer added later that the 'heroes' remain in the military police and posted a video of the incident.
"Such officers should not be in the heroic 93rd separate motorized brigade. Let me introduce you Major Kotii. ... It turns out that these 'heroes' not only got drunk, but also dared to humiliate servicemen who were conducting tasks in the Donetsk airport and held positions there for more than a year," the volunteer commented on the video.

According to InfoResist, the incident occurred at the Cherkasy training field.

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As reported by some sources of the medium, a high profile military official from Skhid Operations Command arrived in the unit today. He is trying to put pressure upon representatives of the military police who had detained the drunk commanders. According to another volunteer Olha Konovalova, military police servicemen are put under pressure, and one senior sergeant has been demoted to sergeant, she wrote.

InfoResist also wrote that representatives of the General Staff have been informed.

The 93rd brigade has posted a message on its Facebook page by the brigade's command that the detained drunk officers used to have impeccable reputation.

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