Special operation in Odesa: murder of lawyer Pohorelyi was staged to catch assassins and their hirer. VIDEO

Odesa human rights activist Oleksandr Pohorelyi, who was reported murdered May 16, is alive.

The information on the lawyer's death was intentionally spread in the press as part of the special operation to arrest all those involved in the crime plotting. The "murder scene" was also faked, Censor.NET reports citing Dumskaia.

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The sources in the law enforcement agencies informed that the officers of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) had detained the assassins and found firearms on them. The perpetrators used a car with Crimean license plates.

The middleman was also apprehended. The information about the person who ordered the hit will be released in the near future.

It is known that the assassins' paymaster has close ties to the law enforcement agencies of the Odesa region, which is why their representatives have not only been involved in the operation but had not even a clue about it. The SBU officers were forced to literally fend off the investigators and experts from the "crime scene" due to this fact.

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The security agency learned about the plotted attempt on Oleksandr Pohorelyi in connection with his activities in the resort town of Zatoka back in early March and started to plan the operation to apprehend assassins and their hirer.

According to updated information, the operation was carried out by members of the central office of the National Police of Ukraine under the personal supervision of its head Khatia Dekanoidze.

Pohorelyi has publicly accused officials and criminals close to them of embezzlement of land plots in the town, electoral fraud, and blackmailing Estonian investor Marcel Vichmann. The members of the Privilegija law firm headed by Pohorelyi were conducting their own investigations of criminal activities and shared this information with both law enforcement agencies and journalists.

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