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 Police "hit" Zaporizhia businessman to catch crime's mastermind. VIDEO

Last Saturday, the media spread a high-profile news - an entrepreneur was blasted in his own car in Zaporizhia. A video and photographic evidence from the murder scene were published as well.

As reported by Censor.NET citing 061.ua, today it emerged that it was just a part of false flag attack organized by police in order to detain the person behind a contract murder. This was announced by criminal police department chief Serhii Prudchenko during a briefing at the National Police regional department.


The person who ordered the murder is a Zaporizhia-based citizen of Azerbaijan. The victim was his former compatriot - an Azerbaijani who is now a citizen of Ukraine. Both men were engaged in trade in foodstuffs. According to law enforcers, the citizen of Azerbaijan hired a killer to get rid of his rival in business.

The details of the crime, in particular the amount of killer's fee, are kept in secret for legal reasons. But as known, the foreigner intended to "order" one more murder.

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