"We are against Ukraine! We are against Ukrainian language! We have shed our blood for Russian Luhansk! We demand that we paid Ukrainian pensions!" - "Luhansk Guard" separatist. PHOTOS+VIDEO

The video showing stripper-separatist from the pro-Russian "Luhansk Guard" community Anastasia Pyaterikova demanding the Ukrainian authorities to recognize Luhansk as the Russian city and start paying its residents pensions from the Ukrainian budget was recently published on the Internet.

Censor.NET reports that Anastasia Pyaterikova began her "political career" as member of Natalia Vitrenko's party. Following the quarrel between the Luhansk cell and the party's chairwoman, Pyaterikova and her associate Alexander Kharitonov broke into an independent organization the "Luhansk Guard", which later became the core of the separatist movement of the Luhansk region.


It was the "guards" who first put up tents in Luhansk. They were also the ones who seized the regional state administration building. However, Kharitonov was soon apprehended by the Security Service of Ukraine. He was arrested and placed in the detention facility in Kyiv.

Anastasia Pyaterikova got scared and fled to Voronezh (the Russian Federation). She became popular there giving interviews to the Russian TV channels, describing "the atrocities of the Ukrainian army soldiers and the punishers from Kyiv". The sponsors from Voronezh have assisted the terrorists' supporter to organize the supply of weapons, food, uniforms, and all that staff that the "LPR" militants are still using today.

In peacetime, Pyaterikova worked in nightclubs, where she performed sexual favors including to the foreigners. This was Pyaterikova's main job until she fled to Voronezh.


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This "moral guardian" runs the Trikolor society now raising money to purchase weapons and food in Russia for further delivery in Luhansk.

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