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 Foreign currency credit users storm bank in Moscow, demand to give away Crimea. VIDEO

Raiffeisen Bank debtors of loans in foreign currency have broken into the main office of the financial institution in Moscow and demand allowing paying off their loans at the rate of 40 rubles per dollar.

Censor.NET reports that borrowers declare insufficient funds to pay loans under actual currency exchange rate (around 78 RUR/USD). However, the officials of the credit institution offer debt restructuring or sale of collateralized property. One of the desperate women has proposed to return Crimea to Ukraine to have the opportunity to avoid economic sanctions that led to the plunge of the ruble.

"Our Constitution provides for equality in civil rights throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. If Ukraine holds a referendum on joining Russia, we would not be able to afford it! Let's give this Crimea back already! I have nothing to live upon!" she said.

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