"Mr. President, where are changes in the country?" – Singer Vakarchuk at the Order of Liberty award ceremony. VIDEO

During the Order of Liberty award ceremony, ‘Okean Elzy’ frontman Sviatoslav Vakarchuk addressed President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with a speech, expressing his concern for policies implemented by the government.

Sviatoslav Vakarchuk wrote in his blog for Novoe Vremia, Censor.NET reports

"Dear Mr. President, Thank you for this award. I am honored to receive the award from the nearest and dearest state in the world. Yes, awarding people is good. But, unfortunately, some awards do not solve the problems we face. On Jan. 28, we will commemorate The Battle of Kruty.

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"What are the similarities between the Kruty defenders and those who protect our country in the eastern regions? They are all heroes. They are heroes because they consciously sacrificed the most important thing they had - their lives. Why was the enemy's aggression bogged down? Just because of our soldiers who were ready to die for their country. They perfectly knew what choice they had made. None of them analyzed or thought about it - they just sacrificed their lives. Therefore, they are heroes," Vakarchuk said.

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Vakarchuk stressed that Ukraine is corroded by corruption, total injustice, ignorance, and low levels of the 'elites' from the inside. This enemy is much more insidious and dangerous than the external aggressor.

"To defeat it, we need more heroes in Ukrainian politics and power. Unfortunately, we do not observe many of them. We observe the logical actions. We observe the desire to sit on two or three chairs at once. We observe the fear of losing position, the fear of losing wealth, political influence; endanger yourself or your family. We observe smart, but rather sly and cynical people who always find reasons and explanations for the crisis in Ukraine: they blame the war, oil prices, political opponents, the previous government. We observe it every day. But we do not see deeds. Do not see the real victims," the musician stressed.

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According to Vakarchuk, the country does not need regular politicians, it needs rather people like 'cyborgs' - the defenders of the Donetsk airport.

"Today, the country might be saved only by those who deserve monuments after death, but not those who are raising golden monuments during their life. Why do our political leaders choose private benefits over the state interests? Where are detained criminals? Where are real changes of the rules of the game? Where are the changes in the country after all?," Vakarchuk asked.

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The musician added that the country is expecting changes, but is not waiting for anything particular anymore.

"People do not trust the authorities. Not because the authorities are bad. The authorities are just like everyone else. And today we need people who are capable of great deeds, we need supermen. I understand that I've ruined someone's mood by my speech. Saying this, I do not want to throw mud at someone or get political benefits. I'm not interested neither in power nor in the political struggle. I'm saying that because I do care! I do care about your reputation, reputation of Ukraine and its future.

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"It is my country and I'm going to live here. Mr. President, I don't blame you personally and I do not attempt to tarnish your. I'm referring to all Ukrainian authorities. This is not just my private voice - it is, literary, the voice of the people of Ukraine. Please, consider my words today because tomorrow may be too late.

"The Order of Liberty will remind me that every day you need to do more to ensure that your country is free. And to remind myself that I still did not do enough to ensure that our country finally became the best," Vakarchuk concluded.

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