"Whoismisterputin" documentary presented in Kyiv: how former KGB officers and criminals came to power in Russia. VIDEO (in Russian)

On Dec. 29, a press screening of Valeriy Balayan's Whoismisterputin documentary took place in Kyiv. This is a story of how the current president of Russia came to power, bringing along a clan of security officers and closely related criminal gangs.

Censor.NET reports citing Radio Svoboda.

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"My aim was to make a scientific and popular movie, explain very simple things to people, tell them that Putin began his career with theft, only at the level of Leningrad and St. Petersburg, and that now he has not changed. People do not change but manifest themselves. These manifestations of Putin resulted in a syndicate of KGB officers and representatives of the criminal world taking hold of Russia," Valeriy Balayan remarked.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v367329