Illegal sand extraction in Kyiv region reaches catastrophic levels, - Avtomaidan. VIDEO

Avtomaidan organization activists are exposing illegal sand extraction at four sand quarries of the Kyiv region. Some of them are bordering the city of Kyiv.

This is reported by Censor.NET citing Avtomaidan 's website.

The organization's activists have recently sent an information request to the State Geology Service of Ukraine in order to find out whether natural and legal persons using mineral resources (sand extraction and exportation) from specified land plots have special permissions to do so. The plots have been filmed by Avtomaidan with the use of a drone, the website reads.

Avtomaidan representatives stated they have received the same response regarding each of the plots: there are no special permissions to use these lands with the purpose of mineral resources mining.

Images below show the plots in question now (top image) and in August 2012, as seen via Google Earth.
добыча песка

Avtomaidan states that dozens of trucks loaded with sand leave the quarries daily. The price of the sand is about 35 UAH per ton ($1.4), which makes 70-90 thousand UAH in daily revenues for the owners of the illegal sand pits without paying any taxes and investing into land rehabilitation after their 'business.' The only expenses related to these activities, activists state, are bribes to police and prosecutor's office, who have been long covering such illegal businesses in Ukraine.

These four illegal land pits, Avtomaidan says, brings his owners about 65 mln UAH ($2.6 million) yearly.

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This illegal business might also have ecological complications, including shallowing of the Dnipro river, formation of deserts and marshy places, and destruction of natural spawning areas for fish.

"Despite the fact that illegal sand mining has been booming in the Kyiv region for many years, it is traditionally 'unnoticed' by the law enforcement and other supervisory authorities, who must not allow this natural ecocide, not to mention multimillion losses for the state budget from such 'entrepreneurial' activities by fresh nouveau riche millionaires," activists say.

Avtomaidan states that fighting with such illegal sand extraction in Kyiv and the region will be one of the major 'tests' for the new, recertified Ukrainian police.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v367177