"General Nazarov said he would clear himself of Ilovaisk accusations," - former ATO speaker. VIDEO

Former press officer of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) headquarters Oleksii Dmytrashkivskyi told about events that preceded the IL-76 tragedy, which killed 49 people in 2014, and about major General Viktor Nazarov's reaction.

As reported by Censor.NET, Dmytraskhkivskyi wrote about it on his Facebook page.

"Today I saw video footage from the trial of General Nazarov. This was the first court hearing after the well-known tragedy with IL-76 plane which killed 49 people. I have been impressed with the general's appearance. He was so lowly and scared... not the way he acted when in the Defense Ministry.

"Nazarov looked miserable during the break in the hearing, when relatives of the killed paratroopers from the 25th Brigade were approaching him, each holding a portrait and trying to say something to the general about his fault in that terrible tragedy. But when I remember those days, I can recall how we were receiving information about convoys of man-portable air defense systems and other weapons arriving for rebels daily. Planes and helicopters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were downed more often. The territory of the Luhansk airport was almost surrounded at the moment.

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"Whenever I was receiving information from the command regarding the situation in the Luhansk airport, I was getting a standard response: We have enough troops and equipment for controlling the situation! At those moments General Nazarov was very lively and enthusiastic. He could easily kick anyone out of the HQ in order not to give commentaries about the events in the ATO area.

"Before the tragedy I managed to speak with a friend of mine who was at the Luhansk airport at the moment. He said the situation was very complicated and we said good byes to each other just in case. I also knew the guys were experience problems even with water. Food and ammunition were dropped off helicopters, for there was no possibility to approach the airport.

"Did Nazarov know about the possible danger for the plane? ... I think he DID. And he should have been a strategist and not send three transport planes without convoy. But the most sad thing about this story is that the general is 'AFRAID' to acknowledge his inadequacy. He cannot look into the mothers' eyes and say at least a 'SORRY.' ...

"To end up with I would like to remind Mr. Viktor of our September conversation. We were sitting in the waiting room to the Chief of the General Staff and discussing the issue of Ilovaisk. I told you than that you needed to tell people the truth. Otherwise it would be extremely difficult to clear yourself of the dirt. The general then said: NO ONE WILL DO ANYTHING. WE WILL CLEAR OURSELVES OF ANY DIRT!

"I'd say you might be able to wash off the dirt, but you will never clear yourself of the mothers' tears!!!"

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v366328