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 Ukrainian soldier Vadym Dovhoruk lost his arm and two legs, entered university, and learns how to juggle a ball. VIDEO

Ukrainian commando Vadym Dovhoruk, who lost his arm and two legs in a combat with terrorists during the anti-terrorist operation (ATO), has entered a university to pursue a psychology degree and is learning how to juggle a ball.

This is announced by Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.
"Lacking motivation? 23-year-old commando from the 3rd regiment Vadym Dovhoruk volunteered to go to Debaltseve after the last road had been cut. His group was caught into an ambush; an explosion torn Vadym's arm off; his comrade commander died of wounds within his sight; for the next three days he was hiding from the enemy at the -20 degree Celsius temperatures without any help, without water, food and warmth; he was crawling on the snow but did not want to give up; he was taken captive after he couldn't move anymore due to massive blood loss; both his legs were amputated in a hospital; he was exchanged and survived; he survived despite all forecasts and all medical textbooks," Butusov stressed.

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According to him, Vadym has not lost his nerve and is pursuing a degree in psychology.

"Now the "National Hero of Ukraine" decoration holder studies psychology at a Kirovohrad university in order to help those who lose their faith and give up fighting. How does Vadym cope with his stresses? He's learning how to juggle a ball," the journalist added.
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