At least 89 killed and 100 injured as missiles stroke Syrian Douma, - Reuters. VIDEO

At least 89 people were killed and about 100 wounded as government forces fired 12 missiles at Douma, 15 km northeast of Damascus.

Syrian government forces fired missiles into a marketplace in a town near Damascus, a conflict monitor and a local rescue group said on Friday, Censor.NET reports citing Reuters via Alarabiya.

Douma has suffered intense bombardment in recent months in a wave of strikes the Syrian army has said targets insurgents that have launched attacks on government-held areas.

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Footage showed bodies on the ground of the market place, where stalls had been blown to pieces. Reuters was unable to independently verify the events shown.

According to other sources on Facebook, the Russian & Assad strikes in south-west Syrian town of Douma killed 71 people on Friday, Oct. 30, 2015 (see below). The massacre occurred on a popular town market. There is no ISIS in the region.

According to the reports on the ground, Russian reconnaissance IL-20 and Su-24 fighter were spotted over the skies of Douma just before the strikes. There were two distinct hits: first 4 surface-to-surface missiles hit the market, then 7 air-to-surface. Sources are reporting that the first part of rockets came from Assad's forces, and the second from Russian planes.

Immediately after the attack Russian planes were still over the town. While we could not be sure at the moment, that Russian shots took part in the massacre, it is obvious that the spy plane over the skies of Douma took part in the direction and correction of the fire (artillery or air).

More Russian air strikes in the same neighborhood killed 14 Oct. 29. The year before in August, Assad's forces' shelling killed 100 on the same market.

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