"Putin is a liar," President Poroshenko says to "Fox News". VIDEO

President of Ukraine confirmed a statement by a U.S. journalist that Vladimir Putin lies and does it all the time.

He said this in his first ever U.S. TV interview to Fox News, Censor.NET reports.
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The anchor has mentioned President Putin's statement that Poroshenko had been elected president of Ukraine with the hand of U.S. and asked Poroshenko to comment on it. In response, Ukrainian president laughed and explained that the elections were transparent, with participation of all the political parties and under observers' control. Moreover, the president said, Russia itself has recognized these elections as legitimate.

"So is he lying when he says that?" the Fox News anchor asked.

The president of Ukraine hesitated for several seconds, and then said: "Yes."

"Does he do a lot of that?" she continued.

"I think this is the part of the very powerful Russian propaganda," Poroshenko answered.

The president also thanked the TV channel for being able to communicate the Ukrainian people's point of view to the whole American people.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v354217