New video showing Berkut soldiers beating up journalists in February 2014 went online. VIDEO

A video made during the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine showing a Berkut Special Forces unit beating up two reporters near the UN building in Kyiv has been posted online.

As reported by Censor.NET, the footage shows Berkut soldiers beating up journalist Azad Safarov and cameraman Serhii Klymenko. The video was posted by Azad Safarov on his Facebook page.

He commented on the video: "You haven't seen this footage before. It shows Berkut beating up reporter and cameraman of the Channel 5. ... This is 'a great' video. Just look how much pleasure these monkeys in armored vests and helmets receive from attacking the cameraman with gas, how they drag him down to the ground (1:34), kick his head to concrete, kick me with their feet and arms, and everyone wants to reach, everyone wants to hit... I can't help but laughing now when I'm watching. I'm laughing for they are monkeys. Especially at the last image. ...

"Guess how many of these macaques have been arrested? This video has been held by an investigator for year and a half. Year and a half. They have been refusing to give it back. Although it was us who found it. We said to investigators that we had been beaten near the UN building and asked... no.. we demanded that the video was given back before it was erased. Brave and courageous cameraman Sergey Klimenko eventually got the video today. He is the one beaten up. Watch, share, so that we do not forget the Berkut," Safarov commented.


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Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/v352273