Radio Liberty journalists filmed person, who probably threw grenade near Rada. VIDEO

Radio Liberty journalists Iryna Stelmakh and Levko Stek have filmed a man throwing a grenade towards the law enforcers guarding the building of the Verkhovna Rada.

Radio Liberty posted the footage on its website, Censor.NET repots.

The statement reads: "The moment of explosion was filmed from two angles: from the building of the Verkhovna Rada and the square in front of the parliament. The video clearly shows a man pulling out an explosive device from black backpack and throwing it at the cordon of law enforcers. The person has escaped from the scene immediately after that. It is evident from the video filmed by the other camera. It is difficult to identify the person while his face is covered by a medical mask."

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Later, Kyiv city police public relations department posted video showing the person detained on suspicion of the use of explosives near the building of the Verkhovna Rada. A grenade and a pin from another one as well as military uniform and money have been found in the suspect's backpack. The video filmed by the police shows that the detainee's T-shirt and shorts are similar to those that an unknown person has been dressed in on the video by Radio Liberty. The detainee was carrying a black backpack as well. The journalists' video shows that an unknown individual pulls a grenade from the same backpack. Perhaps the most characteristic feature of the man on the video from the square at the Parliament was short stature. The footage, which was published by the law enforcement officers, shows that the suspect is also markedly shorter than the people surrounding him.

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