Churkin blames Ukraine on Boeing tragedy. VIDEO

Vitaliy Churkin blamed Ukraine on having given a corridor to the flight MH17 over the occupied Donbas territory.

This is reported by Censor.NET citing TSN. At the end of the UN SC meeting, where Russia vetoed an MH17 tribunal, the permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Vitaliy Churkin complained about speeches of some diplomats from other countries with the Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin receiving the utmost resentment. "I consider some statements about Russia offensive and unworthy of diplomats. It is unclear why opposition to a certain form of proceeding is leveled with impunity. We propose to consider different forms," Churkin said.

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After that, Russia's permanent representative to the UN attacked Klimkin almost crying. The Russian diplomat actually accused Ukraine of the Boeing tragedy. "Why were civilian planes given a corridor through a military area? The area where the Ukrainian armed forces are fighting using aircraft and transport? Why are civil aircraft sent to this area? The Boeing passengers might happen to be unaware of your armed conflict. After all, Malaysian aviation authorities might happen to be unaware of it. Why was the plane let there? Because of greed? Or for some other reasons?" Churkin said.

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"Why the investigation has not yet been provided with records of your military air traffic controllers? Here is the impunity. Is there anybody punished for that? Mr. Klimkin, was anyone punished?" the Russia's permanent representative resented. Churkin expressed hopes that "both those who shot down the plane, and those who sent it there will be brought to justice." In the end, he noted with regret that "the Security Council meeting didn't foster clarification of all the circumstances of the MH17 tragedy and bringing those responsible to justice."

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